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Basics of the research and development

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CENTER OF PNEUMATIC COMPONENTS AND SYSTEMS LTD. (OBREiUP Sp. z o.o.) has been operating since 1975 in the subject of pneumatic’s driving and steering. OBREiUP has become the leading national center responsible for the development of pneumatics from the first years of the operation. The basic task of the center was to implement the license for the basic elements of the pneumatics of the French company CPOAC, in subsequent years, developing its own new products based on the knowledge and experience gained.

Work directions
Initiated research and development works successively implemented in OBREiUP include:
– new constructions of pneumatic components, not yet available on the Polish market;
– elements and pneumatic assemblies in non-standard designs (dimensions, work movement, materials, etc.);
– special products, adapted to non typical functions and needs of users;
– unit-made products, intended for use in a specific application for a single user;
– devices and special systems, adapted to atypical functions and needs of users;

Selected realizations of implementations of special elements and systems:
1) pneumatic system of linear displacement frequency simulators for testing equipment in a military training center
2) pneumatic brake system of the locomotive
3) pneumatic drive units for overhead disconnectors of high and medium voltage power grids
4) valve blocks for controlling braking systems of mining hoist machines
5) control system for spot welding devices for car bodies
6) pneumatic control system of the stand for moisture measurement of molding sands