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About Us

Research and Development Center of Pneumatic Components and Systems Ltd. (OBREiUP Sp. z o.o.)

Established in 1975 as a national research centre, later transformed into an independent entity – a producer of pneumatic elements and systems.

With experienced technical staff and support of the modern machines, it is able to develop and produce all kinds of products in the field of industrial pneumatics, both in unit and serial quantities as well. Both prototypes and standardized products are developed and produced on the basis of own studies as well as the customer documentation.

Strategic products: pneumatic cannons (pulsators), doubled pneumatic valves for presses, pneumohydraulic actuators, poppet valves, vacuum valves, oxygen valves, pneumoelectric relays, and the entire standard pneumatic range (valves, actuators, sensors, holders, air preparation blocks, etc.).

In addition, the Center offers machining services on numerical and conventional machines (turning, milling, cutting, etc.).

In cooperation with the capital related company – MARANI – produces and supplies press-air stations (so-called compressor-rooms) and compressed air installations, both in the form of their sales and outsourcing.